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About Me

As you may have gathered, I like colour a lot. It feeds my soul and makes me very happy. Blue is definitely my favourite, though it is the one colour I can see least of - being a strange sort of colourblind. Gladly, we have hex codes and histograms so it has never held me back at all, and I rather think it gives me an edge...

I come from a family of artists (and lawyers, but we don't talk about that!). I have always drawn and doodled, and it thrills me to be doing it professionally. After ten amazing years in Fashion and Beauty Photography, achieving recognition from Vogue Italia, GQ Brazil and the Tate Modern, I am letting my camera batteries recharge, and I'm focussing on Creative Direction and Digital Art-working, having studied a Master's degree in the former in 2019.

Outside of my photography and design practice, I teach Digital Media, Visual Communication, and Photography at both UAL and Solent University: I am absolutely surrounded by creativity and I'm always nose-deep in Adobe products.


Please do get in touch if you need to give your business or brand a facelift - I will definitely give it some punch.

(the cat's name is Gero. He's a hungry hungry hippo.)



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